When Ideas Have Sex

Further to my last post – cultural evolution cannot be helped – we can only be aware of it.

An incredibly interesting and well-present tedTalk by Matt Ridley.

Via TED.com . Check it out, kill some time, learn some knowledges.


Welcome to The Cuba Castle!

This is so exciting! The first post!
You’re probably wondering “What the fudge is The Cuba Castle, and why should I love it?”.
The Cuba Castle is, well, a castle. It’s not in Cuba, but on Cuba Street, the renowned epicentre of cool and hipness in Wellington, the bustling cultural city of New Zealand.
To be honest, the history of TCC is vague and mysterious. It appears in photos dating back to the late 19th century, but exactly when it was built, and who built it, is unknown.
Today The Castle is home to 8 (an ever-changing number) young and talented people trying to smash their way into the world. Who they are is for another post, so stick around!


The Cuba Castle.