Egypt Without Internet On The Internet: A Study

The last two and a half weeks have shown us the loud and equal voice that the internet offers to all of us, and the power of change. In a situation that could have turned ugly the internet gave the people of Egypt the right to free speech when there’s was taken away from them. Peace, Egypt.

Philosoraptor muses on an Egypt without the Internet:

Mubarak tries to solve a problem where he is not the solution:

Egyptians get bready for a fight:

And commandeer the shoes of the government?:

Then the Egyptians are all like “GTFO Mubarak!”:

And he turns into a scumbag:

The foreign press were beaten out of Egypt, and Egypt’s internet may have been shut off, but the rest of the world was still watching, blogging, commenting, linking, sharing, discussing, tweeting…and hitting the dislike button:

Mubarak steps down as ‘President’ of Egypt. It’s an Epic Win for the protesters:

K.O. Mubarak:

Game Over.