What A Bieber!

Musical child ‘prodigy’ (calm down, we’re being sarcastic) Justin Bieber hit New Zealand shores last week, and things couldn’t have gone better. He recieved a traditional New Zealand welcome: his hat was snatched from his head, an ancient Maori tradition known as a “Powhiri”. He appeared on two youth shows. The first, renowned NZ kids show ‘What Now?’, had Bieber sprayed with a bottle of Lemon and Paeroa (a fizzy drink world famous in NZ).

On the rival tv network’s C4 Select Live (a music video show) Bieber was humiliated when he showed he didn’t know what the word ‘German’ meant. At first it was put down to the New Zealand accent, but proved to be Bieber’s IQ (which, coincidentally, is the same as his age) which was at fault, when the host showed his the word written on his cue card.  Watch the video here:

Following massive public embarressment after the video hit the net, Bieber and Co struck back, posting a video of Bieber explaining that he knew what ‘German’ meant, and even had him count to ten in the language. Golly, he must have been up all night studying…


Welcome to The Cuba Castle!

This is so exciting! The first post!
You’re probably wondering “What the fudge is The Cuba Castle, and why should I love it?”.
The Cuba Castle is, well, a castle. It’s not in Cuba, but on Cuba Street, the renowned epicentre of cool and hipness in Wellington, the bustling cultural city of New Zealand.
To be honest, the history of TCC is vague and mysterious. It appears in photos dating back to the late 19th century, but exactly when it was built, and who built it, is unknown.
Today The Castle is home to 8 (an ever-changing number) young and talented people trying to smash their way into the world. Who they are is for another post, so stick around!


The Cuba Castle.