Is Osama Really Dead? Behold A Photoshop Disaster.

With the announcement from the Obama administration that Osama Bin Laden was killed in a ‘firefight’ at his mansion in Pakistan, a tonne of questions have started to arise. And not even crazy conspiracy questions, although no doubt these will be labelled as such. As revealed by the /b/tards of 4chan, a photo of Osama’s alleged “corpse” released hours after the kill is clearly a terrible photoshop job (below). You don’t even need to be an adolescent hypergeek to see this. Not that I am. The bottom half of that dead face is identical to that in the photo of Osama on the right. And as an photography/film geek, the angle and position of the shot is exactly the same. Not to mention that the dead man’s beard is much more ‘pixelated’ than the rest of his face. This ain’t no trick of the light. It’s a trick from the Obama Administration. Check out the link below the image at the IBT. They raise some very commonsense questions; the most obvious of which is ‘Is Osama really dead?’. Consider it, yeah?

Via the International Business Times.